I have a concise resume, have only recently started painting a few years ago at 55. I’m self-taught, working mainly in oils. I also use watercolors, colored pencils, charcoal, and graphite, as well as, doing plein air landscape work.

Unexpected Vistors – Still Life Exhibit

In this series, I blended a traditional still-life presentation with paintings of different birds found near my studio. Using oil paint on wood panels, I worked to tell whimsical stories of birds finding their way into a traditional or not-so-traditional scene. I drew inspiration from my love of the Dutch masters known for creating realistic paintings of relatable items arranged in ways that seem random but have an order to them. My second inspiration for these paintings are the birds I encounter and their incredible beauty. Although it would be implausible for these birds to enter such scenes, I liked the challenge of making the pairing seem natural.


I have always been in love with hawks, owls, and other raptors. To me, their beauty and regalness represent the best of nature. While others see their fierceness, I see their peace and sense of presence. In this series, I have zoomed in on their faces to highlight their amazing eyes and feathers. Raptors have some of the largest eyes in the animal kingdom, and they are striking when seen up close. Their feathers and their natural colors give the paintings a sense of softness and movement. To capture this, I used earthy, low-intensity oil paint, framed in simple shadow boxes.